A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

NOTE: This is a game made originally for Jackpot Jam 2019 but I definitely plan on continuing the project.

It's summer and the lack of cash has prevented you from adventuring throughout the lands, oh great hero! It's time for you to get a summer job. What better way to make cold hard cash then sell juice in the sweltering heat? One problem though... you set up shop in the forest! With Slimes! Now you must put the sword down and serve them yummy drinks! I mean who would wanna kill these adorable little monsters anyway?

It's time to blend those fruits and quick!


Play Juicy Jellies Today!!!


Controls: Drag fruits to the blender according to the slimy customers order. After you blend it by pressing the brown button on the blender, click and drag to serve to the right customer.

Press "Z" to pause the game or click the pause icon.

Press "Esc" to exit the game completely.


Theme: HeatWave: I implemented heatwave into my game by setting the lore of the game in the sweltering peak of the summer time. 

Mini Theme 1: Juxtaposition: Putting two contrasting things together. An adventurer wouldn't normally serve monsters, he or she would slay them obviously!

Mini Theme 2: Summer Job: The adventurer, desperately low on funds, decided to get a job at a juice bar.

Mini Theme 3: Things that start with J: JUICE!!!



Developer: KendallFire (Kendall Rust)

Artist: Aceribo

Music Designers: Thrilmur and Nuclear Metal

Menu Music and SFX by Thrillmur

Level and Intro music by Nuclear Metal

NOTE: All graphics were created during the jam period. The Menu Music and all SFX were created during the period as well.

The only assets that were pre-made was the Level and Intro music created by Nuclear Metal. License for use was purchased from Audiojungle and can be found here:



StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorWyldFire Games
Tags2D, Arcade, Casual, Cute, Fantasy, Singleplayer, Unity


Juicy Jellies Mac 37 MB
Juicy Jellies Windows 37 MB

Install instructions

Step 1: Unzip 

Step 2: Run Game


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This was fun way to pass half an hour! Nice, cute graphics, an easy to pick up and use control system and interface and a nice little increase in difficulty going from level to level!

It did feel a little bit like the levels just started ticking along after a while, and if you ever make updates to the game I think adding extra ingredients as the level goes on and making the drinks more complex might mix things up a bit more =)

For what it is though, this is a great little puzzle / arcade / drink-mixing game that's well worth checking out if only for the adorableness of the slimy customers!

Keep up the awesome work Kendall!


Thank you so much! I really enjoyed your play through! Made me laugh a lot.