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Gameplay part 1. I love the music in the game the combat is fun. Although I did not realise until the second fight how to combo attacks haha.

[sorry about the sound quality after 3 mins in the game sound over powered my mic] 

thank you! The options error is connected to the saving disabled error. I will have to take a look at that as well. 

No problem I really did enjoy the game! Hopefully you find a way to fix it :) 

NEW Version Up!


I downloaded and started playing but when i got to the village leader xyros? (i think) it failed to load the file a chain.png 

I’ll fix it. Might have missed a file.

I'm re-uploading a new version with that error fixed. Let me know if you find any more of these missing files. 

So the new version is up? and i will do .


Not yet. I will let you know here when it is up.

Windows version is up. Mac Version will be up in a little while.

Great job!

thank you!

Beautiful Game! It was really adorable and fun! Simple and cute aesthetic! 

Thank you! Glad you liked it!


Nice! I hope you enjoy it!